Launched in 2006, the Translation and Publication Support Programme (TPS) aims at facilitating the access of foreign audiences to Romanian culture* and supporting the presence of Romanian authors** on the international book markets, by financing the translation costs (and a part of the production costs, as the case may be).

TPS supports the translation and publication abroad of relevant fiction and non-fiction works belonging to Romanian authors in the fields of literature, arts, social sciences and the humanities.




• promoting the cultural dialogue and dissemination of Romanian culture and civilisation around the


• supporting the translation of relevant Romanian works in the European and international cultural


*Romanian culture comprises the culture of the national minorities, as well as that of the Romanian

communities abroad.

**The phrase "Romanian authors" refers to authors who are Romanian citizens, or originating from

Romania, or having Romanian as their mother tongue.


Eligible Costs:


Only applications submitted by publishing houses (private or public) headquartered outside the territory of the Romanian state are considered eligible for the programme.


TPS will cover translation costs up to 100% (but not exceeding 17,000 EUR) and, in certain cases, production costs (printing, proof-reading, layout, graphic design, binding etc.) up

to 50% (but not exceeding 3,000 EUR). For applications requesting only production costs, TPS will cover an amount not exceeding 9,000 EUR of the eligible costs.

The amount of the financial support to be granted will be determinedby the panel of independent experts based on the fulfillment of the evaluation criteria. In order to qualify for financial support, a proposal should score at least 60 out of a total of 100 points subsequent to evaluation.



 The amount of the financial support to be granted will be determined in relation to the budget submitted by the applicant providing details for all types of costs.

 Payment will be made by the Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI), in one single installment, upon reception of:

• the number of copies of the published work agreed per the grant contract, which must include the acknowledgement of the RCI support on the inside cover of the book, next to its logo;

• invoices and banking documents (statements of account) which certify that the payments were made during the validity period of the grant contract (per the provisions of the grant contract to be concluded between RCI as financer and the publisher).

Payments made by the publisher prior to the conclusion of the grant contract with the Romanian Cultural Institute shall not be supported through the Translation and Publication Support Programme.

 The actual amount which shall be granted to the publisher as financial support shall be determined based on the supporting documents which will be submitted to the financier according to the provisions of the financing contract and will by no means exceed the maximum amount of the funding which has been determined by the panel of independent experts following the evaluation.


TPS will NOT support the following:

• works not belonging to Romanian authors;

• copyright;

• text books, collections of papers or proceedings of meetings or conferences;

• books distributed free of charge;

• magazines and journals;

• books published before requesting the TPS support;

• guidebooks;

• institutional costs including maintenance, payments made as a result of budget deficits, salaries, and other day-to-day expenses of the publisher.

The evaluation will take into consideration the following:

• the quality of the work (30 points);

• the background of the publishing house, the distribution plan and promotion strategy (20 points);

• the previous experience of the translator (30 points);

• the requested amount in relation to the overall costs of the operation and the proposed print-run of the book (20 points).

IMPORTANT: A publisher cannot submit more than 3 (three) applications wihin the same call for applications.

Application deadlines:

For the «2019 - 2020» call for applications, the complete application files may be submitted between 15 November 2019 - 15 July 2020 (postal date).

Important notice: The «2019 - 2020» call for applications strictly concerns titles to be published in 2021.

The application must include:

• the completed application form available at, filled in and wet-signed by the translator(s) and by the publisher's legal representative;

• an estimated budget sheet of the operation, which should include details about the publisher's own investment;

• in case you apply for a financial support for production costs, you must submit a printing cost quotation supplied by the printing house;

• the distribution plan and promotion strategy of the proposed book;

• the publisher's backlist for the last year;

• a copy of the original work to be translated;

• curriculum vitae of the translator(s) with a detailed presentation of the relevant experience;

• a copy of the translation rights contract or, in the case of a new book, an original copy of the contract concluded between the publisher and the author(s);

• a copy of the contract concluded between the publisher and the translator(s).

The documents supporting the application form may be submitted in one of the following languages: English, French, Italian or Spanish. The complete application files must be submitted, by post, to the following address,with the mention `For the TPS Programme`:


38 Aleea Alexandru, Sector 1

011824 Bucharest


NB: Applications submitted by fax or by e-mail will not be considered. Applications which do not contain all the necessary documents or are dispatched after the deadline prescribed under the current guidelines will not be taken into consideration and shall not be submitted for evaluation. 

Contact information:


Final Conditions

The grants are awarded by the TPS Board of experts based on a complete application file.

The decision of the panel of experts opens the financing only upon approval by the Board of Directors of the Romanian Cultural Institute, within the limit of the available budget.

All deliberations of the TPS jury are confidential and not subject to justification. Grants are awarded on condition that the applicant agrees to the terms of the financing contract, including the acknowledgement of the support granted by the Romanian Cultural Institute on the copyright page of the work. To this end, the publisher shall refer to the RCI visual identity manual/logo, available at

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