The Evaluation Results of the 2021-2022 Call for Applications of the Translation and Publication Support (TPS) and Publishing Romania Financing Programmes

The Romanian Cultural Institute, through the National Book Center, organizes each year a call for applications aimed at foreign publishers, whose purpose is to support the presence of Romanian authors on the international book markets by subsidizing the translation costs (and partly production costs, as the case may be) and the publication of albums and books, as well as supplements, thematic issues or journals of studies on Romanian culture and civilization.

Between 23-25 May 2022, the submissions received within the 2021-2022 call for applications of the Translation and Publication Support (TPS) and Publishing Romania were reviewed and assessed. The panel of experts was selected through a new operating procedure: a national call for applications. The panel was formed by Ștefan Borbély (university professor, literary historian and essayist), Ioana Gruenwald (translator, communications expert) and Maria-Ana Tupan (university professor, literary historian and critic).

There were 108 applications for the Translation and Publication Support programme and 13 applications for the Publishing Romania programme. From the whole budget allocated to the financing programmes in 2022, a sum of 1,527,000 lei was assigned to financing contracts signed by the Romanian Cultural Institute during the preceding years, following the previous call for applications for the TPS and Publishing Romania programmes. Consequently, the available budget for the 2021-2022 session amounted to 900,000 lei, of which 750,000 lei for the TPS programme and 150,000 lei for the Publishing Romania programme. In accordance with the current guidelines for the two programmes, the first 24 applications for this call for the Translation and Publication programme and 4 applications for the Publishing Romania programme were granted financing, based on the score resulting from the assessment. The grants are provided on condition that the publishers agree to the terms of the financing contract.

The period for signing the contracts between the Romanian Cultural Institute and the publishing houses which were granted a subsidy in 2022 (and are planning to publish the book in 2022) is July 1st-August 30th, 2022. If this deadline is exceeded, the sums that become available will be redistributed to the next eligible applications, according to the score given by the panel. The publishing houses that will obtain a grant following this redistribution will be notified directly.

The Romanian Cultural Institute pursues its pledge to support the translation programmes in the long term and maintains its commitment to promote cultural dialogue.

The results are available HERE (click on the arrow to download the file)

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