The Evaluation Results of the 2023 Call for Applications of the Translation and Publication Support (TPS) and Publishing Romania Financing Programmes

Between 22 and 24 of May 2023, the submissions received within the 2023 call for applications of the Translation and Publication Support (TPS) and Publishing Romania were reviewed and assessed. For an objective and transparent selection, the panel of experts was selected through a national call for applications. The panel was formed by Bogdan Ghiu (poet, essayist, translator and cultural journalist), George Volceanov (author, editor and translator - English and Hungarian) and Luminița Corneanu (literary critic, translator and author).

The available budget, publicly communicated when the 2023 session was launched, amounts to 1 million lei. To be eligible for a grant, an application (a publisher) must fulfill two cumulative conditions: to fit into the announced budget of the current session and to accumulate at least 60 points after being assessed by the panel of experts.

There were 74 applications for the Translation and Publication Support programme and 2 applications for the Publishing Romania programme. The first 28 applications for this call for the Translation and Publication programme and the 2 applications for the Publishing Romania programme were granted financing, based on the scores resulting from the assessment of the evaluating panel.

The grants are provided on condition that the publishers agree to the terms of the contract to be concluded with the RCI. The period for signing the contracts between the Romanian Cultural Institute and the publishing houses which were granted a subsidy is April 11th - May 31st, 2023. If this deadline is exceeded, the sum that becomes available will be redistributed to the next eligible applications, according to the scores given by the panel. The publishing houses that will obtain a grant following this redistribution will be announced publicly, on the CENNAC website.


The final list of projects receiving grant from the 2023 budget will be published on May 3rd, after the CENNAC team will contact the foreign publishers declared winners at this stage and will check to see whether the publication date will offer enough time for the payment towards the publisher to be made this very year. For publishers that intend to release the books very late into the year, making it impossible for the grant to be paid before the end of the year, they will have to send us a request regarding this matter.

For such requests, we will proceed to elaborate additional acts, and the total sum will constitute a budget that will be redistributed towards projects starting with position number 29, within the limits of the available amount.

The results are available HERE (click on the arrow to download the file)


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