Translation and Publication Support Programme (TPS) and Publishing Romania „2023 Call Session’’

The Romanian Cultural Institute, through the National Book Center, launches the 2023 Call Session'' for applications within the Translation and Publication Support (TPS) and Publishing Romania financing programmes for translations of Romanian books abroad.

2023 Call Session" is aimed at titles to be published in 2023.

The budget of this session is 1 million lei (900 000 lei for Translation and Publication Support Programme and 100 000 lei for PUBLISHING ROMANIA), the funds being granted within the limit of the available budget.

An absolute novelty of the current edition consists in the fact that the application files are to be submitted only online, by email ( |

The application files will be received  from February the 1st till  March the 8 2023, in accordance with the schedule presented below. The assessment will be made by a panel of independent experts, selected after a public call for applications.

Aimed at foreign publishing houses which intend to publish Romanian books and publications in translation, the two programmes are meant to facilitate the access of international audiences to Romanian culture and to support the presence of Romanian authors and books on the international book markets.


TPS & Publishing Romania 2023

1 February 2023

The launch of the 2023 TPS & Publishing Romania's call for applications

1 day

1 February-8 March 2023

The submission, by foreign publishers, of the application files, according to the Guidelines of the two financing programmes. This call for applications strictly concerns titles to be published in 2023.

5 weeks

8 March 2023

The final day of the call for applications

1 day

9-10 March 2023

The applications received are being verified by an internal CENNAC committee

2 days

13 March 2023

The candidates are being contacted if their applications are incomplete

1 day

14-15 March 2023

The candidates can supply the missing files to their applications

2 days

16 March 2023

The final assessment of the documents received from the candidates

1 day

17 March 2023

The final list of the eligible applications

1 day

20-31 March 2023

The assessment, by a panel of independent experts, of the eligible applications

2 weeks

3-7 April 2023

The validation of the panel's evaluation, by the Board of Directors of the Romanian Cultural Institute

1 week

10 April 2023

The publicizing of the list of evaluated editorial projects, upon prior validation by the Board of Directors of the Romanian Cultural Institute, on the platforms and

1 day

11 April-31 May 2023

The conclusion of the grant contracts with the winning publishing houses, with 2023 as term for the reimbursement by the Romanian Cultural Institute

7 weeks


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